Femme Fatale
Shannon symonds full body beauty render 2

Full body Sketchfab screenshot

Femme Fatale character in Sketchfab

Shannon symonds angle beauty render

Full body turn around Sketchfab screenshot

Shannon symonds main render

Close-up Sketchfab screenshot

Shannon symonds tech render

Model wireframe

Shannon symonds character sketch

Original concept sketch. Received feedback during the modeling process that the character looked better black and white.

A neo-noir 1940's seductive woman designed to a brief. This project has taken me 1 1/2 weeks to complete, and has certainly been a challenge due to one of the requirements being that the character should look modeled rather than sculpted. This character was a lot of fun as it was an art style I'd never done before, and I'm pleased with the outcome!

I created a high poly sculpt to use as a base for the hair, body and dress, and then retoplogized it and modeled everything else in 3Ds Max.